Welcome to Be Car Care Aware

Whether you are a new driver, a parent, commuter, weekend road tripper or experienced senior driver, Be Car Care Aware is a program developed just for you.

Be Car Care Aware is an education campaign that provides the information you need to make knowledgeable decisions on regular vehicle care, maintenance and repairs during the four distinctive Canadian seasons.

From articles to photos, car care tips to online car care guides, the Be Car Care Aware website is just one more way we are working to keep all Canadians safe on the road.

For the Industry

If you are in the service and repair business, our Industry Toolbox offers promotional materials and information to help you educate your customers about the value and importance of proper car care.

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Be Car Care Aware is operated by the Automotive Industries Association of Canada and is supported by its valued sponsors spotlighted below.

The Be Car Care Aware Program is operated by the Automotive Industries Association of Canada.